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If you have a yard or garden, then this yard work snow thrower may be the perfect tool for you. You can get it at right now! The thing is, it won’t be at your local retailer yet, but it will be soon!

Yardworks’ new product line is known as “Ravioli’s Clean” and is basically a garage work snow thrower. They also have a gas snow thrower that looks just like the Ravioli’s Clean one, but with a different look and material that won’t rust and is more eco-friendly.

Now, for you with a backyard, you might want to check out the Yardworks industrial gas snow thrower. It has a carport look to it and you can buy it in a convenient gas canister form.

When you don’t have a backyard driveway, you can get a bigger version for the front or back of your house. You can put them on the side of your house and they look nice on the lawns too. If you have other surfaces, like concrete, that you need to clean up, then you can find water gun throwers to give you a professional look.

Yardworks even has a wet equipment snow thrower for cleaning up all the grass and mud on the garage floor. This is great for those who use their driveway on a regular basis.

Yardworks’ three original products are of course yard sweeping snow throwers, snow blowers and snow removers. But, they have also come out with some cool attachments such as snow plows, which you can attach to your yard mower. There are snow shovels, so that you can also have a snow duster too.

Next is the world famous Lawnsman brand of snow throwers that are very popular with the Home Depot customer. The Lawnsman snow thrower is a four-wheeler that fits right on your existing four-wheeler.

The fact that it is a four-wheeler makes it works great with your vehicle and is easy to use. It is a comfortable to drive, you just need to bring along a garden hose and that’s it.

If you live where there is a lot of snow, you can also use the Snowmatic roof attachment, which is a large venturi-shaped aluminum rectangle that you can see and attach to your roof. And, you’ll be able to remove snow from your roof in an instant.

This Yardworks snow thrower has an all-season warranty that’s good for six months to a year. And, it comes with a lifetime guarantee if it is not broken within that time. All you need to do is fill out a return policy form.

There are some great deals when you order these products at So, give the line a try, and you will be happy with your new Snowy Personalizer!