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If you love your snow, you might want to add craftsman snow blowers to your winter gear list. They make the perfect addition to any home improvement store or garage sale. They are designed to make the snow melt off and make the driveway and sidewalks to melt faster. They are inexpensive but very powerful. There is no question about it.

Top 9 Best Craftsman Snow Blowers reviewed. Craftsman is a known brand that understand how to assemble an impressive snow blower machine, and its 87173 has several impressive features to recommend it. It is an electric-powered dual-stage blower with both electrical start up and electric starting and also has all the usual functions and features you’d expect from a full-scale, large-sized snow blower. The amazon reviews on this product are all good, with most praising the craftsmanship of the machine, and the durability of the blades, which are made of impact tempered steel.

One model reviewed is the Husqvarna Craftsman Mega Melter. It has a two-stage mode with variable speed and a shovel that lift the snow gently off the driveway. It is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum and is extremely well built, weighing in at under five pounds fully-assembled. The amazon reviews all point out that it is not only the heaviest weighing snow blowers but also the slowest too, which could pose problems if you have to go digging up someone’s yard to clear it away in the middle of the night.

Allis Chalmers is another excellent name in snow blowers. The Allis Chalmers Chute Depot is two examples of these machines. They are both well reviewed, with most praising their excellent build quality and design, as well as the fact that they don’t use any strap to help you guide the digging and do the lifting. They are both reasonably priced, with the Allis Chalmers chute costing nearly as much as a similar model from another manufacturer. The only real drawback of the chutes from Allis Chalmers is that they seem to dig unevenly.

If you’re looking for a great blower that will clear most driveway sizes, then look no further than the Bobcat. The Bobcat is one of the best brands when it comes to snowblowers, thanks to the superior design of the frame and the powerful motors, which make for a very efficient snow clearing machine. Bobcat snowblowers have solid, heavy duty frames that are made with impact resistant materials. They also have modern drive systems, so that they can handle the cleaning and handling even under the most challenging circumstances. One other advantage to owning a Bobcat is the availability of aftermarket accessories like extra blades and brush attachments, so you can customize the snow-clearing machine to meet your specific needs.

If you need a larger lawn or landscape, then you’ll need a machine with engine power equal to or greater than three thousand cc. The engines from craftsman snow blowers can vary greatly, but most models should be able to handle between ten and fifteen thousand cc. Some have relatively low profile engines, while others boast extremely large engine powers. Which type you choose will depend on your particular purposes, and the available space in your yard or driveway.

Perhaps the most popular craftsman snowblowers in the market today are the gas-powered variety. These machines have engines that are strong enough to clear even the most difficult of jobs, including lawns that are up to two acres in size. Most gas-powered snowblowers tend to be about twenty pounds in weight, which makes them easily portable even if you need to move them during the winter.

Choosing the best bet for your needs will depend not only on the engine power but also on the kind of attachments that you can add to the machine. If you’re looking for something compact, then the smaller, single-stage wet snow blowers are probably the best bet. For larger areas, the larger, two-stage wet snow blowers would be the best bet. However, it’s really all up to you in choosing which is best for your particular needs.