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You have probably seen an advertisement for or know someone who has bought an industrial snow blower that was advertised on television or in a magazine and you thought “I want one but I can’t afford one”. Well, think again. These are now available from many leading brands like Amazon, Sears, Duro extend and other reliable sources. It is important to research before purchasing one of these machines. Why?

If the seller advertises it is for free but requires a down payment to get it shipped to your house, do not purchase it. These are all scams. Many people are killed each year by electric snow blowers that were being sold as ‘free’. Some of them even burned the person inside due to the hot exhaust that the machine emitted. So, when searching for these items online, look for reviews and feedback from consumers and professionals who have used the products.

There are two types of electric-powered snow blowers available – mowers that run on mains water fuel or gas-powered snow blowers. Both are effective and have their pros and cons. Mowers that run on mains water fuel are easier to use because they have a bigger engine capacity. They are also quieter and can be moved around easily. This however may not be possible or practical in some areas where there is no mains water supply.

One major disadvantage is that the bigger blowers need to be plugged in and turned on for them to work. On the other hand, many electric start blowers have a chute that releases the snow into a chute that is located below the blower. Therefore, when the weather is bad, all you need to do is remove the snow from your lawn and throw it into the chute and your electric start electric blower will take care of the snow removal for you.

Many people consider electric powered blowers as a more convenient option but most home depots still sell the gas-powered models. The reason being is that the gas-powered blower requires to be plugged in and then turned on, while the electric ones require only to be turned on and then plugged in. If you are looking for a blower that can be moved around the house easily, the electric model will suit you best. It will also require less maintenance and it will run more silently.

Gas-powered snow blowers are very noisy and create quite a mess when disposing of the snow and clearing the driveway. However, if you need the extra noise, this can be acceptable. Also, the gas-powered blowers generate more heat so that the debris cannot stay on the ground for too long. The excess heat generated will help to melt the snow and clean up any debris lying on the driveway. However, before using any type of blower make sure that you have sufficient power and that there is no frost on the driveway that will prevent the blower from working.

There are two types of snow blowers that you can use to clear your driveway. There are the powerful and expensive drift cutters and the more affordable but less powerful, back draft, or throat dart, blowers. The drift cutter is the most powerful and expensive of the two. This is because it is able to cut very deep, approximately 18 inches, while keeping the noise down. There are also smaller, less expensive, back draft type snow blowers that are available.

If your driveway is long and you are going to be pushing this machine over uneven surfaces, then you may want to consider a cordless snow blowers. These devices are designed for rough driveways and they are more affordable than their gasoline-powered cousins. However, they do not provide the same amount of power that the corded versions do. If your driveway is simply in need of some dusting, then you may want to consider purchasing a gas powered blower.