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The San Francisco Salt Company has imported the finest quality kosher Himalayan salt to the United States and is now available in bulk. This specialty salt is a healthy addition to any diet. If you’re a restaurant or foodservice provider, buying wholesale is a great way to keep costs down. Listed below are some of the benefits of Himalayan sea-salt. They are great for cooking and add a nice touch to any dish.

Unlike other salts, Himalayan salt is completely pure. Its pink color is the result of iron oxide and its presence in the ancient seabeds. The highest grade of Himalayan salt contains over eighty trace minerals. The Himalayan pink variety is the most pure of all, and is a great addition to any meal. It has many health benefits and is used in 360 Ayurvedic remedies.

While all Himalayan salts are high in minerals, they have varying textures and flavors. Some types are better suited to certain dishes or seasoning. If you’re cooking rice or vegetables, you may want to choose a salt that absorbs liquid and melts in water. You might prefer using crystal salt instead, but it will taste a lot more salty and may upset your stomach. You may also want to look for a brand that is kosher, which is more expensive.

Purchasing wholesale Himalayan salt from a reputable wholesaler is an excellent way to save money on kosher salt. A large selection of Himalayan salt is a great option for the kitchen and for cooking. The purity and flavor of the Himalayan salt is the best part of purchasing it. So, why wait? Get your wholesale kosher Himalayan sea salt from a reputable company.

Buying wholesale Himalayan salt from a reputable company is a great way to save money and get a large volume of it. While this type of salt is very popular, it can be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a smaller amount and then use it in smaller quantities. When buying wholesale Himalayan sea salt, make sure to check out its nutritional value, and its kosher certification.

The benefits of buying wholesale Himalayan salt are numerous. Compared to ordinary table-salt, it contains no additives. It is ideal for cooking because it has a higher sodium content and tastes better on vegetables, popcorn, and eggs. It also has a softer texture than regular salt. It is also less likely to clump. Because the salt is so pure, it needs to be stored in a dry place.

A good source of wholesale Himalayan salt is a reputable vendor who is willing to ship it to your home. You can also use it as a substitute for table-salt in your own kitchen. The salt is great for cooking and can be purchased online. Just make sure you’re aware of its kosher status. The quality of the salt will determine its price. A kosher store will not add extra chemicals or add any additives to their salt.