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If you live in an area that receives occasional winter storms, you may not have to worry about finding snowblowers for sale near me. You can get by with a shovel and hiring a local plowing company, but if you regularly experience snowy, icy days, you should find a snow blower that matches the volume and effort of the accumulated snow. Whether you’re looking for a gas-powered or electric snow blower, here are some tips to make your decision easier.

Three-stage snow blowers are designed with an accelerator to throw more snow at a faster pace. These units were invented by Cub Cadet several years ago and continue to impress engineers. These machines are overkill for most conditions, however. If you are looking for a machine that can clear snow up to six to eight inches, a single-stage snow blower is likely to do the trick. And if you don’t need the extra power of a three-stage snow blower, a two-stage blower is an excellent option.

Among electric snow blowers, there are several benefits. They are lightweight and require no fuel, but they require little maintenance. But, unlike gas blowers, they don’t produce as much power as their gas-powered counterparts. A single-stage corded electric snow blower from Snow Joe doesn’t have the same clearing path as its battery-powered counterpart, but it claims to throw snow up to twenty feet.

If you live in an area with frequent winter storms, you can opt for a cordless electric snow blower that’s perfect for clearing paved areas. Likewise, if you live in an area with light snowfall, you should choose a quieter electric snow blower that can run on battery power. A cordless electric snow blower is more expensive and has limited run time. You should keep in mind the amount of snow you can clear with it before investing in a gas-powered model.

A single-stage gas snow blower is less expensive, but also less powerful. However, these blowers have other limitations. The single-stage blower’s front paddle scoops snow in one motion, and does not have self-propulsion. A double-stage gas blower has a fan-like impeller that helps move snow further away from the clearing path. A two-stage gas blower can clear more snow and move it faster.

Power steering is another key feature to look for in snowblowers for sale near me. Most high-end two-stage blowers have power steering, but they’re also heavier than their comparable models. Anything that costs less than a thousand dollars won’t have power steering. It also lacks durable metal chutes. If you live in an area that regularly gets six to a foot of snow, you can opt for the Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP.

The Toro brand produces a range of snowblowers, but it’s worth noting that they’re generally more expensive than MTD and Cub Cadet models. These blowers are also more expensive than their MTD counterparts, but they have some unique features. For example, some models have trigger power steering, whereas others have a system similar to Ariens’ Auto-Turn. This feature is especially useful on hills, where traction is crucial.

Gas snowblowers are generally cheaper than electric ones, but it’s still a good idea to compare the quality of gas and electric models before you buy. Gas models are usually easier to maintain and have higher warranty coverage. However, gas-powered snow blowers have better gas mileage. You can also find an electric snow blower that uses an extension cord. In addition, you should look for a snow blower that has power steering, since it will be easier to move it through the snow.

The SnowMaster SNT2405 snow blower is another model with a joystick-style chute control. This type of snow blower allows the operator to maneuver the chute side-to-side or backwards, enabling them to change direction and distance without stopping the machine. It also features a convenient hand crank for side-to-side movement of the deflector cap. However, there are many other models with separate controls.