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Snow blowers can be a very useful tool when it comes to clearing the snow from your driveway. The problem is that most people simply don’t know where to find high quality large snow blowers. So how do you find a good place to buy one? Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I know exactly where to look. I used to go to my local big-box home improvement store but I quickly realized that their selection was very limited and the prices way too high.

large snow blowers

Fortunately, there are some select large snow blowers for sale online that aren’t sold at big box stores. Most of them come with a 2 year warranty, include a built-in battery, and come with various features including cordless motors, remote controls, snow plowing attachments and more. There are only a few high-quality, quiet, and reasonably priced models available on the market today. You can usually find them in each power-type.

The first thing you want to consider is if you want a gasoline-powered or an electric-powered model. The biggest difference is the cost. The large electric snow blower models are considerably more expensive than their gasoline-powered cousins. If you’re just clearing small areas, then a gasoline powered model will suffice. However, if you’re clear-clearing larger areas like parking lots or large open spaces, you’ll need to get something with a gasoline engine. The second important feature you should look for in a good snow blower is a good warranty.

For instance, the two major brands for electric snow blowers (Amazons and Snowmax) offer about 6 months of warranty coverage. Some models offer longer warranties. The longer the warranty, the more expensive it becomes. Another feature you want to look for is whether the large snow blowers come with a snow plow attachment or not. Many come with an extension kit that you can use to plow longer driveways. This feature cuts down on the time it takes to clear large driveways because there is no need to manually push the snow/ice sweeper along the length of the driveway.

The third thing you should look for in good snow blower brands is the drive belt. Most large snow blowers have an aluminum belt that turns as you press the button. Some brands use high quality, custom steel belts. A belt that wears out quickly is not worth the money and often constitutes a major malfunction.

Snowplow tires, which are usually referred to as treads, are important because they keep the machine’s wheel stable as it plows through snow or ice. Without good tires, the wheels will slip off the driveway, making it difficult to push the machine around turns. Most electric snowblower models come with either two or four (or eight, when you get an extra large model) set of tires. Look at the size and weight of your current driveways to make sure you get the right amount of traction.

One feature you should definitely look for is the ability to clear large areas of snow without using a large amount of effort. If you’re only clearing small areas of snow each time, then a simple snow shovel might be enough. However, if you’re doing it a couple times a week, then a large snow blower is definitely worth the investment.

The fourth thing you should look for is the clearance of the motors. If you have an area that is not particularly large, then you don’t need the biggest motor on the block. However, in larger spaces, it can be difficult to clear without some kind of additional power source. Consider the clearing width and clearance of the motors carefully before making a purchase.