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If you’ve ever operated a snow blower, you probably know that the handle is critical to its performance. While it’s important to choose a snow blower with a good handle, it’s equally essential to maintain it in a good condition. Here are some tips to maintain your snow blower handle. You should check the handle frequently for loose threads and tighten it firmly. Otherwise, you run the risk of stripping the threads, making your snow blower unsafe to use. You should also check the control cable, which should be routed away from the handle and out of the way, and make sure that it’s not kinked or pinched.

If you live in a cold climate, choosing a snow blower with a heated handle is an excellent idea. In addition to providing comfort, heated handgrips are another excellent feature. This type of handle will keep your hands warm, so you can work with it for long hours without worrying about the cold. Another nice feature is a power steering mechanism, which will slow down one wheel while increasing the speed of the other. This feature will give you more control over your snow blower.

Before purchasing a snow blower, consider the height and type of snow you plan to clear. Electric snow blowers generally have simpler handles with an on-off button and a single control lever. Gas-powered two-stage snowblowers, on the other hand, have extras, such as an air filter. These extra features can add to the price of the machine, but make sure you get a comfortable handle and chute adjustment control.

Snowblowers that operate on two stages typically have a slower auger and a high-speed impeller that throws the snow through a snow shoot. Two-stage snow blowers are designed to clear larger driveways or snowfalls and are more powerful than a single-stage model. A two-stage snowblower will blow more snow in less time. These snow blowers have large engines and augers, so they are better suited to larger driveways and walkways.