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Himalayan salt is harvested from the deep, dry, and mountainous region of the western Himalayas. Most of the local locals are not fully aware of the process by which this mineral is obtained. In many instances they can’t pronounce the name, let alone know what it means.

The term “salt” is often used to describe a related substance. There are various types of salt and all are mined in different countries. When minerals are isolated through chemical methods, they are referred to as “salt.” The pure form of these minerals is “salt.”

The process of mining begins with the extraction of natural deposits of the ore. When these are processed to produce it, these minerals are extracted through various processing methods. They can be refined, dehydrated, and filtered.

The pure salt is first put under an intense heat in order to extract the minerals from the ore. When the minerals have been removed from the original ore they are then cooled and then either refined or evaporated. Refined and evaporated are the most common methods of the process.

Of course, the minerals that are removed are not pure and cannot be sold at the grocery store. In order to fill the demand for Himalayan salt, the mined ore is combined with more refined salt. This product is then called “Himalayan” and sells for a premium price.

Many people don’t understand that there is a special type of salt. This is a complex product, made from an amalgamation of several salts. This is the variety that you see on the shelves in most grocery stores. It is called “gray Himalayan salt.”

Thegray salt is not common. Even among the locals in some areas it is very rare. The only place that it is used is on special occasions.

Himalayan salt can be sourced from several sources. When selling or giving away to friends and family the two common places to find it are Himalayan salt mines and Himalayan salt flakes.

The mine is the place where the stone is cut to produce the salt. These crystals are worked out from the ore, but unlike most types of salt, this type has a very high concentration of sodium.

From the mine the salt is combined with other minerals, dried, and powdered. These flakes are usually kept as garnish on tables, and in food preparation.