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Electric Snow Blowers: Choose the Right Power Source

We all have to do it sometimes: getting that stubborn electric snow blower ready for the long cold winter season. I am a shovel and I know how frustrating it can be to find something that is just plugged in and not even remotely ready to go. And then you have to drag it out of the garage and lug it up the driveway or try to wedge it between two cars so that you can plug it in and go, but it still won’t work and then you have to wait for it to warm up again. And then you are hoping it will just melt off and never come back. It’s a horrible cycle, but it’s also a familiar one for many families.

And it’s a very familiar cycle for some consumers as well. They buy an electric-powered snow blower and use it at home for many years with great enjoyment. They love the idea that they don’t have to shovel anymore. Then they come to enjoy a beautiful, fresh sight view of their yard or garden when they are done and plug it in. And then they have a warm, dry, comfortable home to come back to on those cold snowy days when they come inside.

So what happens when it doesn’t work? Sometimes it can be fixed with a quick call to the service center, but more often than not, you will need to call a repairman. When it comes to electric snow blowers extension cord will have to be used to fix it. With some models, the plug-in wire to the electric snow blower needs to be run under the home’s roof. Not a very pleasant sight!

So there is a better way. There is a special adapter plate that connects to the earth and to the electric snow blower’s plug in wire with a T-clip. This plate is easy to install – much easier than digging a hole, wiring and reconnecting everything.

The electric snow blowers’ plug in wire should be buried as deeply as possible. There are many different reasons to bury the wire. First, the soil density will affect how deep to bury it. Second, there is only one wire with two wires going to each extension cord. That’s it – the only connection between the earth and the electric snow blowers.

What if you don’t want the earth buried? Some electric snow blowers come with a handy little gadget that allows you to bypass the hole. This gadget is called an electric snow blower extension cord extender. It looks like a longer, three-pronged cord extending from the side of the electric snow blower to the side of the lawn sprinkler heads.

Some people think this extra cord is not strong enough and don’t use it for long. But electric blowers come with a lifetime cord-blower warranty. In addition, many electric-powered blowers come with an integral ground clearing tool. You simply push the tool towards the ground and it clears the grass and weeds with its suction. It is as simple as pushing a button.

Whether your electric or gas-powered islet is in the yard, be sure to get rid of the weeds before the first warm spell is over. It doesn’t take long with a gas snow blower. The best choice will depend on your situation. If your lawn needs a lot of trimming, then electric is the best choice.

If you want to go with the cord-operated blower, then cord-less electric and gas snow blowers are your best options. Both run on small amounts of gas. Some gas-powered models have longer cords and may require you to purchase additional extension cords. Cord-less electric models, on the other hand, are very simple to operate.

The size and shape of your electric or gas-powered vehicle’s driveway will determine which choice is best for you. For example, if you have a big, wide driveway that won’t allow for a big, tall and powerful electric-powered blower, then you will need a model that has a shorter cord. A shorter cord will help you get more snow per minute. Gas powered models may be able to drive over uneven or sloping ground because they have more power and can go over small hills.

Don’t forget to include an extension cord when choosing the perfect electric or gas-powered snow blower for you. An extension cord makes it easier to carry the electric snow blower to your driveway. This is especially useful if you are using an electric-powered blower but your car has a gas engine. You don’t want to risk having your electric power shovel stop working because you left your extension cord at home. Keep this in mind before shopping for a new snow blower.