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To answer the question “what are the best snow blowers?” we need to look beyond the brands and advertisements and consider the facts as represented by consumer reports. One of the best places to start is Amazon. Here consumers have written reviews on all kinds of equipment including snow blowers and have rated them from one to five stars. This gives you a quick and easy way to find out what folks are saying about certain models.

best snow blowers 2016

The Amazon reviews are written by people who have actually bought and used the product. Consumer reports do not represent some national organization or political agenda. They are an objective, neutral review company that looks at each model and decides which ones rate the best. They do not give ratings based on color or style or even the price. They only rate the performance of the snowblowers. Their reports on the top 10 best snow blowers in the category of snow blowers for sale on Amazon include everything from snowplows with multiple stages to snow blowers with four stages to a snow blower with a diamond blade.

The most popular electric snow blower in Amazon’s list is the Amazon electric snowblower. It has received rave reviews from users across the country. It is a one-stage snowblower with an aluminum frame that runs on four AA batteries. It has a user friendly interface and comes with a remote control. It costs $50 dollars.

The second best snow blowers on Amazon come in the two-stage category. The Bison Blower II is powered by a 12 volt motor and has aluminum frames. It has all the features of the Amazon electric one, except it has two stages instead of one. It sells for around the same price as the first model.

The third best snow blowers on the market comes from Heath because it is called the Hybrid Snow Blower. It is an electric powered, cordless, two-stage snow blower that offers users control over the height of the snow thrower. Users can adjust the height to their preferences and can even remotely control it from their laptops. The only problem with this model is that it is not as easy to use as other two-stage models.

An interesting side note about the three top rated electric snow blowers is that all three offer excellent ratings in Amazon’s consumer reports. The long-throw models were voted best in the best snow shovels category. Users also named the long-throw as one of the best options for getting rid of snow from sidewalks and patios. These user reviews reveal that people are impressed by the electric motor’s ability to create strong long-lasting throwers that can handle the job of a standard shovel.

When looking for the best snow blowers available on the market, it helps to look at consumer reports to find out what problems other consumers have faced with the equipment. Many users write in consumer reports about their experiences with electric snow throwers. They give opinions about how the machine works, what problems they have had with it, how easy it was to assemble and how much they paid for it. In many cases the reviewers will tell you exactly why they are so happy they decided to purchase this particular machine. Reviewers are often objective and do not try to sell you anything by providing testimonials.

Purchasing and using electric snow shovels are a great way to help keep your sidewalks clean and free of snow and ice. There are a variety of makes and models that you can choose from. Look for user reviews to find out which of the best snow throwers on the market work well for the area where you live. With a little bit of time and research you will be able to find a snow throwing machine that will keep your sidewalk clear all winter long.