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Dead Sea salt is a fascinating mineral, one that in some ways can surpass salt and enriched salt in terms of versatility. There are many facets to this mineral. From salt, and other items used in the commercial world, one can never run out of options, but the best salt has some appeal that makes it the choice for many.

Dead Sea salt does a wonderful job of adding bulk to your food. The mineral’s many forms allow you to use it in your recipes for meats, vegetables, soups, sauces, seafood, salads, and the like.

One of the things that make the Dead Sea salt so versatile is its tendency to retain moisture. This makes it a very good option for adding moisture back into your food. Dead Sea salt can actually be used as an alternative to sugar in baking; this is due to the amount of moisture retained by the mineral in it.

The Dead Sea salt has different strengths of the salt. The highest strength is around 3,200 ppm which is used for salt, vegetable blends, for seafood, and more.

Another benefit of the Dead Sea salt is that it is very inexpensive and can be purchased with a minimum of fuss. You will need to add it directly to the recipe you are using the mineral in, or use dilution.

Salt is a crystalline form of magnesium, and not much sodium is needed to crystallize the mineral from the salt. You can get a very strong Dead Sea salt and mix it with sea salt to create a very potent flavor. The mixture may be expensive but its worth it.

Using sea salt instead of table salt will require only one teaspoon per recipe. Keep in mind that you are adding a little bit of sodium per recipe. Therefore, with the added amount of salt, you will likely need to increase the amount of salt in your recipe.

If you are mixing seafood recipes with salt, you can also add a little sea salt to the recipe. This will help to retain the flavors of the seafood.

One of the properties of sea salt is that it is very hygroscopic. It will absorb moisture from both air and water. Add the Dead Sea salt to your recipe for sauerkraut or cucumbers, and you will see that the taste intensifies as the amount of moisture in the recipe increases.

Now that you know what to look for in sea salt, you can look at various brands of sea salt to select the salt that is right for your dishes. A few considerations will need to be made.

While Dead Sea salt is most commonly found in the West Bank of the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea salt has been used for years in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. A few more brands will be coming out soon as well.